The President and The Road Tour From Dervish Mountains to Sultanate Hobyo Beach.Somalia

26 Feb 18
The two week’s long presidential tour not only solved ground politics but also created trust and opened windows for locals across the Country to start trips as the president’s road tour paved ways for peace, integration and most important visible economic boost.
Landed from Mogadishu with a local flight, H.E. President Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmajo) touched Garowe - Nugaal Region, initially part of Nugaal Valley, the home of Dervish, the land of Sayid Mohamed Abdulle, Somalia’s legend hero in repelling the British colony in 1820s, marked kick off point of the journey and moved via a bullet-proof motorcade scouted by side-side with horse men carrying the President’s delegates entourage crawled and spoke cheering crowds at the city center square to appreciate for their cordial and warm welcoming decades long after the collapse of Somalia’s central government in 1990’s. From live coverage, social media and local news FMs, the historic tour convinced domestic tour lovers to start traveling on road with pride to discover the nation deeply, as communities dressed in Somali traditional occupied streets with warm hospitality welcoming for the President’s delegation. A side from accommodations preparations, venues, welcoming gifts, arranging cultural integration events, transport facilitations and traditional showcases for the guests, the economy of all visited locations promised a turning point for domestic tourism attractions.
The reception was unique and remarkable, from the surprise male Horse in Qardho district, a Golden sword with the male camel in Galkaio, the sip of the fresh camel milk served in traditional wooden cup at Adado district, the islamic spiritual integration gathering
at Guri’eel and Dhusomareb districts, the welcoming hand crafted mat replacing the official January Presidential Tour.
February 7, 2018
Red carpet at Heraale (a religious village), the flag decorated town of Abudwak and lastly stopped at the famous land of Sultanate Hobyo Beach, as a finishing line venue for the two week long tour of in an estimated coverage of 1200 kms showed a promising Somalia’s
tourism. Projects like ports, water wells, Somali National University campus and high-ways roads connecting the key towns were some of the key projects launched during the road tour a companied by high officials including Ambassadors, Ministers, MPs and prominent
Somali key figures.